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Escape From Tomorrow - Synopsis - Writer's Guide
The rocket ship crash lands on an unknown planet, which we learn is earth. Kovak and Virdon survive the crash, the third member of the crew is killed. Our Astronauts are aided by a young human, Farrow, who reveals to them the nature of the Planet of the Apes.
The Astronauts are captured by Ursus and his men. Ursus is accompanied by Galen, a bright, dilettante chimpanzee, who has been sent along as Zaius’ agent to ensure that Ursus does not kill the astronauts.
A relationship develops between Galen and the Astronauts wherein Galen is forced to re-examine his attitude toward humans. He is finally instrumental in their escape from Ursus, and will thereafter accompany them in their adventures. Farrow remains behind in his own valley with a new sense of the dignity of man.
Notes: The most significant aspect of this synopsis is that it presents a much more up-beat version of the tale that was aired. The notion of Farrow as a young man, and the fact that he survives, is a very potent image, suggesting that Virdon and Burke have planted the seed of humanity’s resurgence; quite literally bringing awareness of their potential to a new generation. As such, given that this was the introductory episode, it could be inferred that this was to be the original intention for the tone of the series.
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