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Episode GuideEscape From Tomorrow
Synopsis - Concept StorylinesFirst Draft Screenplay
Synopsis - Press KitOn Screen Cast and Credits
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ReviewFrom Script to Screen
Screen Capture
Roddy McDowall
Ron Harper
James Naughton

Guest Stars
Royal Dano as Farrow
Woodrow Parfrey as Veska
Executive Producer
Herbert Hirschman
Produced by
Stan Hough
Written by
Art Wallace
Directed by
Don Weis
Debut: Hurled eons into the future by a time warp, two astronauts become fugitives from a race of intelligent apes that have come to control Earth.
Mark Lenard as Urko
Booth Colman as Zaius
Biff Elliot
Bobby Porter
Jerome Thor
William Beckley
Alvin Hammer
Executive Story Consultant
Story Consultants
Howard Dimsdale
Joe Ruby
and Ken Spears
Production Supervisor
Unit Production Manager
Assistant Director
Mark Evans
Richard Glassman
Bill Derwin
Director of Photography
Art Director
Gerald Perry Finnerman A.S.C.
Arch Bacon
Makeup Artist
Set Decorator
Dan Striepeke
Stuart A. Reiss
Marvin Paige
Music Supervision
Lalo Schifrin
Lionel Newman
Film Editor
Post Production Supervisor
J. Frank O'Neill
Joseph Silver A.C.E.
Based Upon Characters
Created by
Pierre Boulle
Color by De Luxe ®
Titles Designed by
The Jack Cole Film Group
Copyright © 1974 Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation
All Rights Reserved
On its original airing, and all U.K. reruns prior to the Channel 4 screenings, “Escape From Tomorrow” had a different arrangement of the main and closing titles. In recent years, on both syndicated and commercially released prints, this has been replaced with the the version which was used on all subsequent episodes—a version which, in my opinion, is far less dramatic. Fortunately, I still have audio recordings of the episode with the original theme. Not being musically erudite, I lack the terminology to describe it accurately. All I can say is it was a more aggressive arrangement, in which the piano “back-beat” was stronger and more dominant.
The eyepatch worn by Woodrow Parfrey (as chimpanzee prefect Veska) in this episode was not originally intended to be part of his costume. On the day he reported for filming, it was found that he had an infection in his right eye, and was unable to have makeup applied around it. Someone came up with the idea of using an eyepatch to mask the affected area while enabling the rest of his face to carry the chimpanzee appliance. The final result made his character uniquely distinctive and memorable!
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