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TV Guide, September 7th, 1974
Magazine Cover
Fall Preview - New Series, Day By Day - Friday
TV Guide Portrait
Planet of the Apes
“All humans look alike, you know that.”…“Bad enough having humans in the house…but wash first. There’s a smell about you.”…“These humans are dangerous! They think they are as good as we are. They stir up trouble.” The speakers are gorillas. The time is 2000 years from now, and apes rule the earth, while human beings are considered a “lower species.” Into this upside-down world come a pair of 20th-century astronauts, who are stranded there after passing through a time warp. The anthropoid leaders (Booth Colman and Mark Lenard) are determined to hunt down these two alien troublemakers, and the astronauts are just as determined to keep themselves from being enslaved or killed. They are befriended by a chimp (Roddy McDowall) who is very broad-minded about being seen in the company of his zoological inferiors. All of this outlandish monkey business is, of course, based on the “Planet of the Apes” movies. The films were immensely popular in their TV showings, and now CBS yearns to ape their ratings every Friday. Debut: CBS, Sept. 13 Pictured: (l.-r.) James Naughton, Roddy McDowall, Ron Harper.
BELOW: The feature as it originally appeared.
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