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Look-in, March 15th, 1975
James Naughton
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Planet of the Apes
Many Look-in readers have written to us asking why the popular “Planet Of The Apes” series was taken off our screens, long before the fate of astronauts Virdon and Burke had been decided. Well, the simple answer is that the Apes, although a resounding success on British Television, didn’t have quite the same effect in America where the series was made, and, instead of 24 shows as was originally agreed, only 15 were made and subsequently shown on this side of the Atlantic.
In America, the viewing figure was three percent lower than the minimum required to keep the series in full swing…and so it was goodbye to Galen, Urko and all.
But we make no apology for publishing this week a colour pin-up of James Naughton—Pete Burke in the series. We’ve had lots of requests for a picture of him, and, as usual, Look-in is only too pleased to be of service…
Burke, Galen, and Virdon
Burke, Galen and Virdon…will we ever see their like again?
BELOW: The feature as it originally appeared.
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