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Planet of the Apes - the Television Series
 Undoubtedly the most comprehensive “Apes” TV site on the ’Net. Features, Fanfic—and Photos!
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Hunter’s Planet of the Apes Archive
 A superbly organised resource—with an unparalleled collection of downloadable PDFs of scripts from the movies and TV series.
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Talking Apes TV:  An ongoing series of podcasts offering an in-depth examination of the “Apes” TV show.
… supplemented by a “Talking Apes TV” Facebook Page:
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Hasslein Books
 Not just home to two superlative Simian tomes, but the best place to find out what’s happening in the “Apes” universe.
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Planet of the Apes: The Forbidden Zone
 The oldest “Apes” site on the ’Net, and another vast resource of material.
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Spaceship: Icarus
 A unique gallery devoted to the Planet of the Apes Spaceship. Part of a site devoted to Science Fiction movie and Television production design.
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Shane Johnson’s “Icarus”
 From a modelling website, a gallery devoted to a beautifully executed fan-built miniature of the crash-landing of Virdon and Burke’s spacecraft.
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